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Business conditions valid as of January 1, 2008

The seller for the purposes of these business conditions means VUC Services spol. s r.o.
(hereinafter referred to as the "seller"), Ctiborova 407, Kladno, PSČ (ZIP) 272 01.
Company ID Number: 60473185
Tax Identification Number: CZ 60473185

Bank connection: Komerční banka Praha 5, SWIFT: KOMBCZPPXXX
Account number CZK: 27-8811690267/0100
IBAN CZK: CZ8301000000278811690267

Account number EUR: 27-8811700277/0100
IBAN EUR: CZ5501000000278811700277

The seller is registered with the registration court in Prague, file index C 26164.
Goods are dispatched from the premises: Zvoleněves 86, Zvoleněves, PSČ 273 25, Czech Republic.

An order can be placed by telephone, fax, or e-mail. By placing the order, the buyer accepts the general business conditions of the seller.

he buyer shall provide the seller with the following information for the purpose of the order: name/company name, company ID, invoicing address, delivery address (if different from the invoicing address) and information regarding the ordered goods: type, quantity, method of payment and acceptance/transport of the goods.

The buyer can request the cancellation of the order (provided that the goods have not been dispatched already) no later than one day after placing the order.

The seller is obliged to dispatch the ordered goods within the shortest possible time, usually within 1-5 working days from receipt of a binding order. In exceptional circumstances, the delivery period may be prolonged, based upon agreement with the buyer.

The parcel with the goods will always contain an instruction manual for using the product. A tax document or a delivery note can be sent subsequently by post or e-mail.

Transport to the provided address is secured by the seller under the following conditions:
Czech Post - The price of freight is determined in accordance with the valid price list of ČP:
- HBusiness parcel for final consumers,
- “profi” parcel for buyers – companies.
The maximum weight of one parcel cannot exceed 30 kg.

Transport provided by the seller - upon agreement with the buyer, the seller shall transport the ordered goods using their own vehicles.

Transport on request - upon agreement with the buyer, the seller can ensure transport with the assistance of another shipping company.

The buyer is obliged to pay to the seller the price for the goods according to the valid price list of the seller.

The ownership right to the ordered goods is transferred to the buyer upon full payment of the purchase price. If the full purchase price is paid in advance, the ownership right is transferred to the buyer with the handover and takeover of the delivered goods.

Methods of payment:
As a standard rule, cash, cash on delivery, or advance payment are required for the first transaction with a new buyer. Payment by invoice is dependant on the previous payment history of the buyer.

In cash - this method of payment can be used in the case of personal collection in the premises. The goods are available for collection only if confirmed by an employee of the shop.

Cash on delivery - the goods are dispatched through Česká pošta in the form of a business parcel (for the final consumer) or as a “profi” parcel (for a company). The money is collected by the transporter upon delivery of goods. This pertains to individual parcels up to the weight of 30 kg.

Advance payment - to the account with Komerční banka, account number: 27-8811690267/0100. The invoice number (communicated in the confirmation e-mail) is to be used as the variable code. Do not make payment to the account immediately after ordering; wait for the definitive confirmation of your order concerning the number and type of goods from our staff. The definitive confirmation will be sent per e-mail or communicated by phone. The goods will be dispatched as soon as the whole payment is made to the sellers account (bank charges for banking services are to be paid by the buyer).

Per invoice - the due date is 14 days from date of issue

Freight price list - In cases of other than personal acceptance, the price for transport will be added to the price of the goods. The freight calculation depends on the weight and volume of the total order. These costs are to be paid by the buyer.

Czech Post - business parcel / “profi” parcel / maximum 30 kg / as per the price list of Czech Post

Courier transporters: - Toptrans, DPD, PPL / According to the conditions of the individual transporters / According to the valid price lists of the transporters

Transport ensured by seller (Trailer covered with tarpaulin) - Maximum dimensions L 2 x B 1,1 x H 1 m / max. weight 450 kg / up to 200 km – 7 CZK/km / above 200 km – 6 CZK/km

Transport ensured by seller (Citroen Berlingo) - Maximum dimensions L 1,2 x B 1 x H 1 m / max. weight 500 kg / up to 200 km – 7 CZK/km / above 200 km – 6 CZK/km

The abovementioned price list applies only to deliveries within the Czech Republic. Deliveries outside the Czech Republic are arranged individually; the price then depends on the target country.

In extraordinary cases (i.e. large dimensions, weight), specialised transporters are used and freight is calculated and charged individually, based upon agreement with the buyer.

All goods are delivered with a warranty in accordance with valid legal provisions. The buyer is obliged to inspect the goods immediately upon acceptance. If any mechanical damage to the product packaging will be ascertained, the buyer is obliged to check the condition of the goods and, in case of damage, make a record of the damage in the presence of the transporter. The responsibility for damage during transport is taken by the transporter, all goods are insured. On the basis of a record of damage in the course of the transport, and after resolving the occurrence of loss with the transporter, the customer shall receive an appropriate discount or a new product. By signing the shipping document, the buyer agrees to the acceptance of goods and confirms that they arrived undamaged by transport. Later complaints concerning damage caused by transport cannot be taken into account and will be rejected.

When lodging a claim, it is necessary to send the goods to the address of the workplace and to enclose the letter of dispute in the parcel. The letter of dispute must contain your data, a description of the goods, the date, and your signature. It should also contain the declaration, that the product was not handled in any different manner that that stated in the instruction manual. Please indicate your phone number or e-mail, so that we may contact you and advise you of the status of the dispute.

When lodging a claim, it is necessary to enclose:
1.Proof of purchase (a copy)
2.Letter of dispute containing contact data and a description of the defect

The disputed goods within the warranty period must not be damaged mechanically and should be returned packed in the original packaging.

The repaired/replacement goods shall be sent to the buyer (by post or through a shipping company) or can also be collected over personally in the case of telephonic agreement.

The warranty does not include common wear of the object caused by its use. A shorter lifetime of the product can therefore not be considered as a fault and cannot be disputed.

These business conditions are valid for all contracts agreed between the seller and the buyer. They are available from the seller's premises or from the Internet address: www.ekocover.cz.

Depending upon the change in the appropriate legal provisions in addition to the business policy of the company, the seller reserves the right to change the Business conditions. The company shall declare this change and its effectiveness in the appropriate manner on the web pages: www.ekocover.cz.