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EkoCover extended paper mulch mat

EkoCover Mulch matRECOMMENDED USE:
Landscaping projects-domestic and commercial
Key benefit – replaces plastic

  • Replaces plastic, jute, bark
  • 100% biodegradable
  • lifespan is different according to terrain, climatic conditions and way of application
  • Standard width – 2m, standart length 20m
  • Weight 800g/sqm
  • Easily cut to length, width and pinned 
  • Ideal for all landscaping projects (for tough planting conditions the RF mat is recommended)
  • Stop weeds, saves water, reduces plant mortality, accelerates plant growth

  1. The ground must be prepared as for all other plastic or fabric mulches– free of large weeds, long grasses, rocks and other detritus. TIP: The EkoCover needs to be laid as close to the soil surface as possible to optimise the product attributes.
  2. Roll out the EkoCover and pin to the ground using the EkoCover pins, spaced at approx 0.5m apart, ensuring that there is a minimum overlap at the seams of 50mm. TIP: When laying EkoCover on uneven ground make sure that there is enough “slack” in the EkoCover so that it can mould to the shape of the ground surface.
  3. Mark out the plant spacing's; cut a “X” in the mat, only just large enough for the plant root ball, dig hole and plant tree; Fold the cut EkoCover back around the stem. TIP: Fitting EkoCover close to the stem will reduce weed growth around the plant.
  4. Sweep or Blow Vac the EkoCover after planting before applying the loose mulch to remove any soil that may contain weed seeds.
  5. EkoCover Mulch Mat shall be covered with a loose mulch as soon as possible to prevent damage by strong winds. TIP: Each day only lay and plant enough EkoCover Mat that can be covered with loose mulch in that day.
  6. The EkoCover system and also the Pins will biodegrade.