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EkoCover crop mat: short life broadcare mulch

EkoCover crop matRECOMMENDED USE:
Broadacre crops
Key benefit – replaces plastic, plough into the soil, no need to remove

  • Replaces plastic film, non-woven textiles
  • 100% biodegradable
  • lifespan is different according to terrain, climatic conditions and way of application
  • Weight 300g/sqm
  • Standard width – 2m, 1m; standart length 50m
  • Easily cut to length, width
  • Stop weeds, saves water, reduces plant mortality, accelerates plant growth.
  • No disposal costs, reduces ladfill waste

  1. Lay the Crop mat on to the ground as near to the crop planting time as possible.
  2. Crop mat can be laid by machine. Some small adjustments may need to be made to the machinery if it has been previously set up for plastic.
  3. Irrigation tube is recommended to be laid under the Crop mat.
  4. Do not over stretch the Crop mat as it is being laid as this could result in the product splitting. Crop mat is manufactured primarily from post consumer waste paper.
  5. Soil molded along the edges by the machinery will hold the Crop mat securely to the ground. It is important wind cannot lift the mat system along the edges.
  6. Make a small hole for seedling transplant with a sharp instrument.
  7. Crop mat can be laid by hand. Dig a trench either side of the desired row width, place Crop mat on the centre line covering the edges with soil.
  8. The Crop mat biodegrades.