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EkoCover and Ecology

Project EkoCover brings different solutions to influence companies and institutions behaviours.

- firstly it is recycling used office paper. EkoCover supports recycling not only by manufacturing laminated mulch mats from waste paper but also by collecting the paper in the first instance. By these actions we are seeking to ask companies and institutions not to let their waste paper be collected by waste companies. If you do not know what is going to happen to it may not be re-cycled.

We can help, contact us and we will assist you with collections to ensure that your paper is put to a good environmental use. If you would you like to co-operate with us do not hesitate to contact us.

- It is also important to point out the positive effect on the environment of using EkoCover products. As studies prove EkoCover mulch mats retain considerably larger volumes of moisture and organic carbon reducing more CO2 which contributes to regeneration of the ozone layer and slowdown of climate changes.